In an effort to motivate and challenge myself as well as to share and show my work with others in (almost) real time, I will post here, every Monday by 11:59 PM, one new piece created that week (allowing myself two weeks off for my honeymoon). When the calendar rolls over to 2011 I will have posted a total of 50 pieces. Whew! No time to chat, gotta get to work!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 41. "Friends in the Desert, Part II" 30"x22" blue ink and pastel on archival paper

This weeks piece is based on a painting I did a few years ago called "Friends in the Desert" done in oil on canvas and which can be seen below. I've taken the original idea and have turned it into an illustration in which the figure can be seen in several different stages of his journey rather than just one. Although part I has it's surreal qualities, part II becomes takes those qualities to a new level. The world in which the figure is living is a physical impossibility but certainly a reflection of the real world. It's a psychological space visited in dreams on more than one occasion.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 40. "A Sixth Fool" 18"x24" oil on canvas

"Where art thou, Adam?" called God.

"Right here, dude, where you put me. Where have you been?" replied Adam.

As all paintings in the "Fools" series this one is a self-portrait. Early on the face started looking very Asian so I just went with it. I mean, look at him. This is a fool who's discarded the "wisdom" of man and surely doesn't pay heed to to the myth that would separate men into races.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010