In an effort to motivate and challenge myself as well as to share and show my work with others in (almost) real time, I will post here, every Monday by 11:59 PM, one new piece created that week (allowing myself two weeks off for my honeymoon). When the calendar rolls over to 2011 I will have posted a total of 50 pieces. Whew! No time to chat, gotta get to work!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 42. "Harvest" 18"x24" oil on canvas

It is true, for the first time this year I was unable to get a new painting up last week. If you look at this week painting, for which my wife is the model, you'll see part of my excuse. Yes, we are in a family way and even though the baby's not here quite yet there are already new and interesting demands upon my time. Never-the-less, I'll do my best to make up for missing last week sometime between now and the end of the year.
Please do enjoy this week's painting of a very pregnant woman in a corn field. Happy autumn!

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