In an effort to motivate and challenge myself as well as to share and show my work with others in (almost) real time, I will post here, every Monday by 11:59 PM, one new piece created that week (allowing myself two weeks off for my honeymoon). When the calendar rolls over to 2011 I will have posted a total of 50 pieces. Whew! No time to chat, gotta get to work!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 37. "Inside, Outside" 22"x30" charcoal on archival paper

Okay, technically this is not a painting but having put all of my effort into it this week this is the piece being posted. Having gone back to school in and attempt to earn amy degree in graphic design my time has become a bit more limited and some work may have to do double duty, like this one. This is an assignment for my drawing II class. The directions for the assignment are to create an illusion of space using linear and atmospheric perspective. Looking into or out of a window or door is also one of the requirements. This is the view from my kitchen window. I've never considered myself very good at drawing with charcoal. Charcoal is messy and likes to be used in a very free manner. My drawings and sketches tend to start with very precise lines and occasionally I'll give them some shading if I want some volume. This drawing was done with practically no lines but by making shapes of differing value. I tried to find a good balance between free and constrained. The charcoal sort of behaved.
Below are two different photos of the painting I posted last week, "Icon". The color in the top image looks very close to the actual painting while the color in the second image (what was originally seen last week) does not. What a difference a good photo makes. I had to take the first (bottom) photo under artificial light and my silly little Pentax just couldn't get it's little circuits to figure out what it was suppose to be seeing. The more recent photo (top) was taken outside in natural light.

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  1. thank you for not drawing all the dishes in the sink sweetie :-)